June 2nd, 2005
Alexandria & Roberto
Family Tree
In my early twenties, I began officially writing down the genealogy of
my family and have continued off and on for nearly thirty years.  

I hope the information I've included on this website will be helpful to
others researching these family names.

Please contact me with any corrections, additions or comments to
the information provided here.  Remember, this is a work in

I have intentionally omitted information on living members of our
family in order to protect their privacy.

Special thanks to my husband and children for graciously tolerating
this time consuming hobby of mine.  I've dragged them through
countless country cemeteries, dusty libraries and old courthouses.  
And while these kinds of places certainly rate at the top of my
favorite vacation destinations, I'm sure that my family could think of
other things they would have preferred to do.  Also, special thanks
to my parents for joining me on this journey, we've had a lot of fun
and we're not done yet.

Kay's Family Tree
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